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Ha-ha... Ahhh, there's the punch line.

There's so much detail in this loop. I zoomed in on the drip from the tub and I'm very impressed with the amount of attention to detail you put in.

I've Been Had

The ad was so good I found myself 99c poorer. Amazing. You guys should advertise other stuff. I guess.

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This is a very unique Idea- It's very surreal and dream-like; it's definitely worth playing through. c:

CaproCapro responds:

Thank you very much! :)

Not Terrible

There's still a good bit you need to work on with this. When we're driving the space ship if we hold down the space bar it fires the weapons constantly. I'm not sure what unit of measurement of time you're using, but if you're coding using the onTick method, I would consider adding some delay between shots to keep the game from overloading the player's computer. I'm sure you're already planning on adding sound effects and music. I don't know what the mouse is for, but I'm sure you've got a plan for that too. I like what I see, can't wait for it to come out in full.

Jackv24 responds:

I actually dont know any flash coding. I used a program called Stencylworks, this was meant to be for iPhone. Turns out you need a mac for that though. I will post a pc version when I finish.

It took 3 people to make this?

I can admire the coding. It works. I liked the art, it portrayed what you needed it to. I just feel like it was missing something. More endings would have been nice.
Not a fan of the brony intolerance, but it's your call and I love you anyway. <3

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This song is very pretty. Congratulations. I love it. :)

Decibel7 responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :)


Is the hidden song "Simple and Clean?" Just a guess. That's what the last few bars of your guitar jam sounds like to me. (3.18) Great piece, by the way.
<3 the keychange + slide on guitar

NemesisTheory responds:

haha yes it is! great ear :)

thank you for the review, am happy you enjoyed it <3

It Needs More Bass.

There's too much treble, I hear the hi-hat, and I hear the snare, and I only hear a small amount of tom hits, and sounds like a synth beat in there. You should try establishing a solid beat with the bass, use that beat to form a syncopated rhythm with the snare supported by the toms and hi-hats. If you add some more bass you might have something. But there's a gap there that's kinda uncomfortable.

Shadowblade2584 responds:

Meh, I'll make an all bass song.

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What a Voracious Bastard.

I'm not an artist, but I can appreciate the shading and detail work. I also like how you showed the jawbone through the facial skin. (unless I'm totally dumb and that's something else)

I fucking LOVE this show.

But it would be much better the way you draw it. Look at Fred with his COOLGUY pose. Awesome.

Pillowmint responds:

Thnaks man :)


It's so CUTE

supersexybeast responds:

thank you!!!

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