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Entry #1

How About You?

2011-11-10 17:21:32 by Ziggyness

Shit. I got it bad; I think I'm a brony. Yep. I've got Winter Wrap-Up on my iPhone. Seen both seasons of MLP: FiM. My iPhone's autocorrect has stored the acronyms MLP and FiM. I've drawn myself as ponies. I've written stories about ponies, fan-fics. (Not weird ones. Child safe ones.) But you know what?
I'm Okay with this.

How About You?


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2012-01-03 16:45:09

And ate the end of the day you ask yourself, why is it so addicting?

Ziggyness responds:

Because it's so simple. It's done in Flash. FLASH. A cartoon on a major channel and watched by millions of fans. Flash. Blows my mind. And the stories, the bright colors, the voices, I could go on.